Hi, my name is Simme!

I'm a software engineer, open-source aficionado and engineering manager from Sweden. I've spent most of my career building performant and reliable systems and teams. Every now and then, I also do some public speaking.

On this page, you'll find some of the things I write around community building, open-source, leadership, observability, and site-reliability engineering. If you'd like to read my raw notes, they're available here and get updated as I explore new topics.

In my spare time, you'll usually find me either out and about in the forest with the dog, skiing, doing gardening, or playing with my Commodore 64.

You can also find me on , , , , , and


2021-09-23 Introduction to distributed tracing with Tempo, OpenTelemetry and Grafana Cloud
2021-08-23 Error Economics - How to avoid breaking the budget
2021-02-11 Running distributed k6 tests on Kubernetes
2020-11-12 Performance testing gRPC services
2020-09-17 Setting up a kubernetes lab cluster
2020-03-17 Performance testing with generated data
2020-01-14 Practical DevOps #3: Shifting Left
2019-12-25 Dealing With Rejection as a Speaker
2019-12-22 Practical Devops #2: On Shaming and Blaming
2019-12-21 Practical Devops #1: The Big Sell
2019-12-21 Behavior Driven Testing in Go Using Ginkgo
2019-06-27 As the sprints stop #2
2018-07-14 An introduction to Redux and Sagas #2
2018-06-15 An introduction to Redux and Sagas #1
2018-06-12 As the sprints stops #1

Public Speaking

2022-07-22 Building a Production-Grade Charmed Operator Canonical Community Call
2022-05-16 Observability for Developers of Charmed Operators Operator Day 2022
2021-12-13 Model-Driven Observability with Juju Canonical Webinar
2021-09-16 Chaos Engineering on Docker Docker Community All-Hands
2021-09-16 Load testing .Net applications with k6 On .Net Show
2021-05-17 Error Economics - How to avoid breaking the budget SLOConf 2021
2021-05-13 The glorious art of breaking things on purpose DevOps Pro Europe 2021
2021-05-12 People & Culture (Panel) DevOps Pro Europe 2021
2021-04-21 Site Reliability Engineering (Panel) contributing.today
2021-02-25 Everyone is talking about DevOps QBox Meetup
2021-02-11 Using Chaos Engineering to Test Distributed Systems Automation Guild 2021
2021-02-10 Using k6 to test the performance of Prisma in production Prisma.io Livestream
2021-01-23 Goja as a scripting layer for go applications Online Golang Conf 2021
2021-01-19 Find problems faster by load testing in production New Relic & k6 Webinar
2021-01-14 Code-first performance testing Passion for Testing
2020-11-12 Introduction to Chaos Engineering Ministry of Testing
2020-10-16 Host / Emcee DevFest Sweden 2020
2020-09-24 Introduction to Chaos Engineering GDG East Sweden
2020-08-11 Effortless load testing with k6 and DataDog DataDog Dash
2020-07-16 Setting up a local Kubernetes environment using k3s GDG East Sweden
2020-07-12 Expectations of Go 2.0 Panel GoWayFest 4.0
2020-06-18 Notifications everywhere with Shoutrrr GopherCon Europe 2020
2020-06-02 A code-first approach to performance engineering PerfGuild 2020
2020-02-04 Go and DevOps, a love story GDG East Sweden
2019-12-12 Agile, DevOps and Beyond Zmarta Meetup
2019-10-02 DevOps and Go, a love story Go Stockholm Meetup
2019-09-10 Everyone is talking about DevOps Day of the Programmer
2019-07-05 DevOps and Go, a love story GoWayFest 3.0
2019-06-04 Diversity Rocks! - on diversity in tech HiQ Smarter
2019-04-27 DevOps in practice on Azure Global Azure Bootcamp 2019
2018-09-24 Ditching the metal: An introduction to Go on GCP HiQ Smarter
2018-09-06 Ditching the metal: An introduction to Go on GCP Go Stockholm Conference
2018-04-23 Going serverless with Azure Functions HiQ Code Club
2018-04-21 Going serverless with Azure Functions Global Azure Bootcamp 2018
2016-11-23 Chatbots in C# using Luis.ai and BotBuilder HiQ Smarter