2022-07-22 Canonical Community Call Building a Production-Grade Charmed Operator
2022-05-16 Operator Day 2022 Observability for Developers of Charmed Operators
2021-12-13 Canonical Webinar Model-Driven Observability with Juju
2021-09-16 Docker Community All-Hands Chaos Engineering on Docker
2021-09-16 On .Net Show Load testing .Net applications with k6
2021-05-17 SLOConf 2021 Error Economics - How to avoid breaking the budget
2021-05-13 DevOps Pro Europe 2021 The glorious art of breaking things on purpose
2021-05-12 DevOps Pro Europe 2021 People & Culture (Panel)
2021-04-21 contributing.today Site Reliability Engineering (Panel)
2021-02-25 QBox Meetup Everyone is talking about DevOps
2021-02-11 Automation Guild 2021 Using Chaos Engineering to Test Distributed Systems
2021-02-10 Prisma.io Livestream Using k6 to test the performance of Prisma in production
2021-01-23 Online Golang Conf 2021 Goja as a scripting layer for go applications
2021-01-19 New Relic & k6 Webinar Find problems faster by load testing in production
2021-01-14 Passion for Testing Code-first performance testing
2020-11-12 Ministry of Testing Introduction to Chaos Engineering
2020-10-16 DevFest Sweden 2020 Host / Emcee
2020-09-24 GDG East Sweden Introduction to Chaos Engineering
2020-08-11 DataDog Dash Effortless load testing with k6 and DataDog
2020-07-16 GDG East Sweden Setting up a local Kubernetes environment using k3s
2020-07-12 GoWayFest 4.0 Expectations of Go 2.0 Panel
2020-06-18 GopherCon Europe 2020 Notifications everywhere with Shoutrrr
2020-06-02 PerfGuild 2020 A code-first approach to performance engineering
2020-02-04 GDG East Sweden Go and DevOps, a love story
2019-12-12 Zmarta Meetup Agile, DevOps and Beyond
2019-10-02 Go Stockholm Meetup DevOps and Go, a love story
2019-09-10 Day of the Programmer Everyone is talking about DevOps
2019-07-05 GoWayFest 3.0 DevOps and Go, a love story
2019-06-04 HiQ Smarter Diversity Rocks! - on diversity in tech
2019-04-27 Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 DevOps in practice on Azure
2018-09-24 HiQ Smarter Ditching the metal: An introduction to Go on GCP
2018-09-06 Go Stockholm Conference Ditching the metal: An introduction to Go on GCP
2018-04-23 HiQ Code Club Going serverless with Azure Functions
2018-04-21 Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 Going serverless with Azure Functions
2016-11-23 HiQ Smarter Chatbots in C# using Luis.ai and BotBuilder