Practical DevOps #3: Shifting Left

One topic I always keep coming back to when it comes to DevOps is shift-left testing. What is shift left testing? The term was initially coined by Larry Smith in 2001 in an article in Dr. Dobbs Journal and refers to how we, by testing as early as possible, may deliver both faster and with higher quality. What if we instead of postponing testing until the sprint is over and we’ve delivered a new increment to QA were to test all the time; together?

Practical Devops #2: On Shaming and Blaming

Finding the root cause As I often state when I do talks or courses on the topic of DevOps, I’m a firm believer that DevOps has very little to do with technology, and a whole lot to do with culture. We, as developers, are often very good at performing root cause analysis and present a conclusion whenever things go south. Usually, we’re also as good at pinning that mistake onto someone, whether it’s a colleague or ourselves.

Practical Devops #1: The Big Sell

As those who know me or have seen me speak at a conference know, I’m a big fan of DevOps practices. I’m also a big fan of automation. After spending a couple of years digging into the topic, practicing it and talking about it with people from all around the world, I thought I’d share some of my own thoughts and experiences on the topic. The big sell If you’re at a shop that’s been around for a while, have successful software in production and by every meaningful measure is doing great, then you’ll probably have quite a hard time convincing anyone of the need to pivot towards DevOps practices.