As the sprints stop #2

It’s that time a year again. The time when all the nerds, myself included, get forced out of the office for some well-deserved RNR — just like when we were kids and our parents told us we had to go outside and play to “catch some fresh air”. Jokes aside, I really love my summer vacay. It gives me plenty of time to travel, read books and reflect on the past year.

As the sprints stops #1

I confess, besides being a comic buff I’m also an avid reader of business and tech literature. Usually, my summer routine consists of piling up on books, novels, and comics that I never get around reading during the more hectic part of the year. I strongly believe that this habit is a huge factor as to why I steadily feel like I keep growing as a professional, leader and knowledge worker while avoiding the feeling of plateauing.