A change in mindset

🎥 ServerlessDays Stockholm, 2019
📍 Stockholm, Sweden

When you start going serverless, it’s easy to get excited and just go for it. To create meaningful services however you need to think carefully about your design and what you want to achieve.

It’s way to easy to end up with a multi-instance monolith with all the downsides of both approaches. During this talk we’ll explore some common pitfalls, how to avoid them and what to do instead.

Everyone is talking about DevOps

🎥 Day of the Programmer, 2019
📍 Jönköping, Sweden

Alla pratar om Devops! Men vad är det egentligen? Jenkins, är det DevOps? Terraform då? Vi kommer under det här passet att prata om kultur, vikten av automation, devops tre grundpelare och varför vi borde bry oss.

Devops and Go, a love story

🎥 GoWayFest 3.0, 2019
📍 Minsk, Belarus

Much of the tooling used for infrastructure automation still consists of page after page of shell scripts. Our operations tools deserve the same level of care, quality and portability as the software we deliver! What if, instead of building our ops tooling as scripts, we were to build them as services? With great golang features like cross-platform (and architecture) compilation, static linking, docker client api’s and more - nothing is holding us back.

During 30 minutes, Simon was mixing code examples and theory in an attempt to discover why golang is so awesome for doing devops work.