Getting into good kitchen knives can easily become a really expensive decision. When people talk to me about knives and ask what knives to buy, I usually tell them the same three things:

You only need one knife

You really only need one knife, the 18cm santoku knife, although you’ll likely want to buy more after a while. Some people recommend getting a slightly larger knife, like the 22 or 24cm chef’s knife, because of its ability to carve meat really thin, but the nimbleness and speed of the 18cm makes up for this in most other aspects.

Avoid sets

it’s usually a waste of money and the quality of the knives is generally not that good. Every now and then you’ll be able to make a good deal on these sets, but to be able to spot that, you’re likely not getting your first knives but rather know exactly what you appreciate and what you are willing to pay for it.

Avoid Global knives

You’ll easily be able to find a much better knife for the same money. With Global knives, you’re really paying for a trendy knife with a recognizable brand, rather than a good, high-quality, handmade knife.