Relations solve Service Discovery and allows the charms to instruct each other on how to connect to each other. The relations are loosely typed and, at runtime, only enforced through relation interfaces.

To relate two apps, we execute:

$ juju relate avalanche prometheus

Once the relation has been established, juju emits the event relation_joined.

Data Bags

When the data of a data bag changes, a relation_changed event will be fired, triggering the other side of the relation to act on the changes if needed.


Libraries provide actions for other charms to use to make sure they consume capabilities of you charm in a predictable, and intended, way. For instance:

Prometheus is able to scrape metric endpoints of other charms. To simplify this, we expose a prometheus_scrape function as a library. Nginx, in turn, wants to send off metrics to Prometheus, so it imports the library and uses the scrape function.

Success all around! :tada: